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Now Free on Amazon! The first story in the Relic Hunter series is now free on! This is a short story about how Dr. Arienne Cerasola went from field archaeologist to relic-hunting witch. You'll meet Pooka, Dr. Stanley Ash (he's a jerk), Basir and Ari as they search the ruins of Saint Cieran's Monastery... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from Jealous Magic

Dr. Arienne Cerasola knows what it's like to start's her discussion with her Grandfather - the eminent Archaeologist Dr. Christopher O'Flynn about that very situation... “Arienne, I need you to think about something.  If the memory of what led you to being...whatever you call yourself these days…”  Pops spread his hands out as if... Continue Reading →

Kindle Countdown Deal

Right after publishing The Last 6 Weeks of Summer I started to feel guilty. The last time I saw Arienne Cerasola, Evan, and Coyote they had just returned to the summer residence of the Queen of the Southern Tier Fae. I've left them standing on the door step of that house long enough, so I'm... Continue Reading →

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