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The Adventure Begins

In England, Dr. Arienne Cerasola finds herself working for an arrogant professor on an important dig at Saint Cierran’s Monastery. Her theory about the ancient writing on the stones is dismissed, but Ari is not so easily deterred. Certain that she’s onto an important discovery about the history of the area, she hatches a plan to get a closer look at the writing. There are some words that an archaeologist with magic in her veins should not utter aloud…

Magic meets archaeology in this fun urban fantasy series!

With no job, no home, and no other options to make an honest living, Dr. Arienne Cerasola must risk everything for a chance at a new life. Will her powers as a witch help her find a valuable healing relic, or will her adventure end in another magical disaster?

In the Pine Barrens of New Jersey, Ari must face the mythical trickster spirit Coyote, battle warlocks, and outsmart the shady Shaman she is reluctantly partnered with.

Witty, fast paced, and featuring a strong heroine with a feathered side-kick.

“I got this book as fantasy is my personal go to for escaping the stress of everyday living. It is a gem of infinite proportions and a pleasant surprise as the author is new to me. Please access this wonderful book if this is your favourite genre.”

Alycienne – Reviewer on

The adventure continues…

When Coyote shows up offering Arienne a chance at redemption, the temptation is too much to resist.

Up against a voodoo priestess in green sneakers, an insane Bokor bent on revenge, and alligators, Ari is in for the adventure of her life – but it just might end up being her last chance in more ways than one,

“I have found that sometimes the second book of a series is a disappointment. Not here. This was possibly even better than the first book. Character development continues. Ari learns how to handle more of her powers. Good supporting characters all help. Definitely a fun story. Recommended.”

Jeffrey – Reviewer on

There’s magic in the British Isles…

Dr. Arienne Cerasola is on a mission to save a secret society with roots in Ireland and England. If she can just get beyond the fact that she’s expected to find a legendary sword with links to King Arthur, she’s sure she can solve the mystery and beat the competition to the relic.

Partnered with her Grandfather and the very tempting magical super-spy Evan Robeson, Ari must find the relic before time runs out.

“I am loving this series and this book was like a combination of a Dan Brown book and magic. I love the Legend of Arthur and Merlin! I think those who love K.M.Shea will also like this series.”

ACN – Reviewer on

Two swords, two men…

Finding a mythical sword was the easy part! With Coyote and Evan under the same roof, Ari’s life is about to get very complicated. She has no time to sort out her romantic leanings, though, since there is another sword that’s being hunted by a shadowy organization bent on controlling magic.

Ari must get to the sword before the Chanson steals the prize, or the magical world could become more complicated than her love life. With her companions unable to help, Ari is on her own in a race to save magic from a danger nobody was expecting.

I highly recommend this amazing book, and the series in which it is, to readers of all ages who love imaginative magical fantasy. Enjoy!

Kindle Customer – Reviewer on

This is a bad time to have magic go on the fritz.

Explosions beneath the streets of Rome. Artifacts are being pried open by unseen criminals. An outcast witch with a degree in Archaeology and a loyal band of magical colleagues is the only defense against magical ruin in the Eternal City.

In the latest Relic Hunter adventure, join Arienne, Kai, Basir, and Ka’Tehm on a witty, magical adventure sure to have you flipping pages to solve the mystery of Italian magic.

I highly recommend this fantastic book, and the spectacular series in which it is, to readers who love reading well written Fantasy that incorporates mythology, history, and exciting places with kick a** characters with imaginative, creative license. Enjoy! reveiwer

Quirky: unusual in especially an interesting or appealing way

You’ll find the word “quirky” is used by several reviewers of my work. At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about that description, but when I read the above definition, I think “That’s exactly what I write!”

Fixing a lifetime of bad karma isn’t easy.

Calypso Mendelsohn has a past – but who doesn’t? She’s working off some pretty bad karma from her previous life when trouble saunters into her psychic booth in Salem and gives her a sexy smile.

An art mystery with a paranormal twist.

Good start to a long series, hopefully. That was really subtle. Good characters, good story line. I have always liked a good con artist story and found one here. Hope she is around for a long time.

-Jeffrey C Review on

Fate never liked me much…

Trouble has a way of finding Caly, and this time is no exception. Her new client has a serious problem – one that could lead to a snazzy pair of concrete boots for her and her psychic advisor!

Author Bio

Call me Leigh because my name is pronounced Lee-OH-Nah, but nobody ever heard of a “silent i”. Talk to anyone who knows me, and you’ll see the irony of that random silent letter. I’m definitely not the girl who should have a silent i – a LOUD i? An OUTSPOKEN i? YES to both! I’ve been writing for years now, but in 2014 my life got very complicated. It took me a few years to get back to writing, but here I am!

I write fun fantasy stories, and an occasional contemporary romance. I love archaeology, legends, and laughter – so my Relic Hunter series has all three. I also love a strong heroine with a less than perfect past, and all of my books have those. I think books should take you out of the stress of real life and bring you on a new adventure. Don’t we all need a little more fun? Yeah…and LOTS of magic!

I began writing when my diabetic dog went blind and didn’t want to spend time in the garden. Between belly rubs and carrot snacks, Sandy and I wrote Elementary Magic. It was so much fun that we followed with Destructive Magic before moving on to other characters and adventures. Over the next three years, we produced four books before life took an unexpected turn. My husband became critically ill right as I was publishing Legendary Magic. Things didn’t improve for many years, so after a 6-year break from writing, I couldn’t contain the stories in my head any longer. I wrote a contemporary romance and then decided to return to Arienne and her adventures. Jealous Magic was the book that had been in my head but needed the quiet provided by the global pandemic. I’m back now, and my new dog and I will continue the adventures that were started a lifetime ago.

Yes, those are two different dogs. Sandy on the top, ChiChi second row, left. Theo in the middle. That’s my best “fantasy author-ish” photo on the right.

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