Sunday Morning Projects

Have you had a chance to check out my Instagram feed yet? I've been busy creating content and putting together puzzles so my feed is visually awesome. I just started my author Instagram last week because at first I was like "How can I talk about my books using just pictures?" - then I realized... Continue Reading →

Start the series for free!

Now Free on Amazon! The first story in the Relic Hunter series is now free on! This is a short story about how Dr. Arienne Cerasola went from field archaeologist to relic-hunting witch. You'll meet Pooka, Dr. Stanley Ash (he's a jerk), Basir and Ari as they search the ruins of Saint Cieran's Monastery... Continue Reading →

Yes, I use Google Earth to Plot.

Yes, I write urban fantasy books about an archaeologist who is also a witch.  My heroine is often accompanied by a smarty-pants owl, the mythical trickster spirit Coyote, and a spectral blue beaver who’s made out of water.  She has adventures, looks for magical relics, and gets in many laugh-out-loud funny situations. That doesn’t mean... Continue Reading →

Excerpt from Jealous Magic

Dr. Arienne Cerasola knows what it's like to start's her discussion with her Grandfather - the eminent Archaeologist Dr. Christopher O'Flynn about that very situation... “Arienne, I need you to think about something.  If the memory of what led you to being...whatever you call yourself these days…”  Pops spread his hands out as if... Continue Reading →

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