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Quirky: unusual in especially an interesting or appealing way

You’ll find the word “quirky” is used by several reviewers of my work. At first, I wasn’t sure how I felt about that description, but when I read the above definition I think “Yeah, that’s exactly what I write!”

Author Bio

Call me Leigh, because my name is pronounced Lee-OH-Nah but nobody ever heard of a “silent i”. Talk to anyone who knows me and you’ll see the irony of that random silent letter. I’m definitely not the girl who should have a silent i – a LOUD i? An OUTSPOKEN i? YES to both! I’ve been writing for years now, but in 2014 my life got very complicated. It took me a few years to get back to writing, but here I am! With two books in 2020, and one coming out in early 2021 (the second in The Fortunes Series) you could say I’m on a roll.

I write fun fantasy stories, and an occasional contemporary romance. I love archaeology, legends, and laughter – so my Relic Hunter series has all three. I also love a strong heroine with a less than perfect past, and all of my books have those. I think books should take you out of the stress of real life and bring you on a new adventure. Don’t we all need a little more fun? Yeah…and LOTS of magic!

I began writing when my diabetic dog went blind and didn’t want to spend time in the garden. Between belly rubs and carrot snacks, Sandy and I wrote Elementary Magic. It was so much fun that we followed with Destructive Magic before moving on to other characters and adventures. Over the next three years, we produced four books before life took an unexpected turn. My husband became critically ill right as I was publishing Legendary Magic. Things didn’t improve for many years, so after a 6 year break from writing, I couldn’t contain the stories in my head any longer. I wrote a contemporary romance and then decided to return to Arienne and her adventures. Jealous Magic was the book that had been in my head, but needed the quiet provided by the global pandemic. I’m back now, and my new dog and I will continue the adventures that were started a lifetime ago.

Yes, those are two different dogs. Sandy on the left, ChiChi in the middle. That’s my best “fantasy author-ish” photo on the right.