New Release!

I’m so excited to have finished the 5th book in the Relic Hunter Series – the paperback is available now and the ebook is coming in a few days. Prime Day on Amazon really messed up my release because I don’t want to drop the book and have it swallowed up in all the commotion of Prime Day! I’m looking at June 25th as my release date for the ebook – it’s one of my favorite numbers.

I’m pretty sentimental about Resistant Magic because it marks a bit of a turning point in my journey as a writer. I wrote my first book way back in 2012 – it took me about 3 years to write it and I agonized over every single sentence. That was a great learning experience, but I wasn’t sure back then how far I’d go with my writing.

I remember adding up my book sales that year and realizing I’d earned a little over $300 for that book. That was exciting enough that I wrote Destructive Magic, then Unplanned Magic, and a few books in other series that I will be returning to. That’s when life derailed a bit – right as I was finishing up Legendary Magic – so there was a long pause in my writing. The pandemic of 2020 started me back up and I pushed through Jealous Magic and really started taking this writing thing seriously.

I took it so seriously that I’m being published for the first time since I won a poetry contest in 3rd grade. I have a short piece in Louisiana Literature this summer, and that should be out right after I publish Resistant Magic. In fact, I’m also half way done with Fortunes Give & Take – the second book in the Fortunes Series. That will be out this fall, then I’ll return to Ari and the gang.

Writing has often been my salvation – my imagination has gotten me through the normal down times every life offers and it has shown me a clear path forward. I am happiest in my office overlooking my garden, creating new adventures for my characters and connecting with my fans (I stumble to write that because it seems so surreal that THOUSANDS of people have read my work now…and my reviews bring tears to my eyes).

More than a decade ago, I set out to write fun fantasy fiction incorporating my love of history and mythology with a clear intention to entertain and provide a fun escape to my readers. When I think back to how far I’ve come, I am humbled and grateful that I have had the support to accomplish these goals. So as I wrap up one career (the infamous day job) and move toward transitioning to my new career as an author, I want to remind all of you that it’s not too late.

That one small action so many years ago began this journey. I hope you find the courage to take one tiny step on your own fantastic adventure.