What a busy month!

I’m finally DONE with the final edits on my new release. It’s been weeks since I stopped writing the book and started fine-tuning and editing – weeks of staring at commas, re-chaptering, uploading, revising, uploading again. It’s finally done, and I’m super excited that the 4th book in this series is about to be released.

If you think just editing is the only thing I’ve been busy doing, you’re wrong. I’ve also be exhaustively promoting this book. I’ve created new Instagram puzzles, updated the book info on Goodreads, posted out my Facebook and Twitter accounts for the entire month (because I knew I’d have no time while I was editing) and I have to tell you this:

I haven’t been this happy in YEARS.

Not only do I love Arienne, Basir, Coyote, Pops, Ka’Tehm, and Evan even more, but I. Did. It. I finally wrote the book that’s been swirling around my head for the past 6 years.

There’s no better feeling than actually realizing that you accomplished something you wanted to – and what makes it more awesome is the book is better than I ever imagined. Yes, I’m biased, but as an author I have these moments when reading my own work – after having put a manuscript away – and I think “Wait…did I really write this?”

So yes, it’s ready to launch – 20 days ahead of schedule – because I have worked obsessively to make this book the redemption story I needed it to be.

Now is the time you’re going to want to join my mailing list because I have lots of promos coming up later this month and into November. I have a short story that I’ll send you if you sign up – it’s called “Hedgehog Tea” and it features Arienne & Basir. It was previously published in the anthology “A Cup of Christmas” – but that was YEARS ago – it’s a fun holiday story with lots of magic!

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