Cover Reveal for Jealous Magic!!


I’ve been dying to put this cover out there! I’ve had it for YEARS waiting for the book to be done. Allow me to explain the artwork for a moment.

I wanted the Celtic cross because if you read Legendary Magic, the last time we saw Ari and Evan they were looking for an ancient relic (not a spoiler). I love that blue shade because it’s on all the covers to some degree, and I had to have Coyote, Basir, and Evan on this cover with Ari. She’s been a solo-witch for so long that I wanted to make sure she had friends to hang out with.

I write fun fantasy about likable characters that have laugh-out-loud situations. I keep it light and breezy because I want to take you on an adventure and give you something to feel good about. So come with me on this one…it’s up for pre-order right now. It’s smart, fun, and this time there’s a little romance (because Ari needs a boyfriend).

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