New Cover for one of my favorite books

I just updated the cover for one of my favorite books! I love the new look and it’s available right now on

Calypso “Caly” Mendelsohn relies on her worn deck of Tarot Cards to try and guide her clients on important issues like love, career, and even the occasional family mystery. She tries to stick to her moral code mainly because she already has enough bad karma from her shady past as a con-artist.

Her career as a Psychic Advisor in Salem has given Caly the stability her past denied her and things are going well – until Dan Saint James, the heir to shipping fortune, pays for a reading. Dan’s past is catching up with him and he needs Caly’s unique skills to stay one step ahead of trouble.

Helping Dan clean up his own life might be more difficult than Caly imagined because her moral code wasn’t designed to deal with art theft or greed. When Caly finds out her former partner has an interest in Dan’s problem, that makes it a game Caly’s all too familiar with – and one she might not be able to resist.

In order to help Dan, Caly will have put her cards on the table and use all of her skills in a dangerous game to stay one step ahead of her past. With her future on the line and a fortune at stake, it will be hard to resist temptation and walk the slippery slope between doing what’s right and doing what’s easy…but everyone deserves a second chance.

This is one of my favorite books – tight plot, fun heroine, great supporting cast. I could also mention stolen art, sexy villains, and a drag queen with an ax to grind. It’s a good time, really.

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